Clearwater Beach Rules
View scoreboard here. Current Gold Sponsors [Final list by August 1st]: @madbeachcraftbrewingcompany
Duration of Vacay Giveaway:June 6-Sept 29
Qualify:Follow all of the accounts that @clearwater.beach is following and allow @cw.vacay to follow you back.
How to Win: Earn Points:
❤️ 1 pt: Like. Like a post.
💬 2 pts: Daily Data. Comment on a post.
👫 5 pts: Join. Your friend Qualifies.
📷 5 pts: Featured Post. We publish your post.
🏆 10 pts: Weekly Winner. Most Liked post.
Each point is one chance in the 🎲 Traditional Contest 🎲 . New this time: 🙈 Blind Auction 🙈 . Every 10 points is one credit you can use to bid on one or more prizes. Check all your chances on the scoreboard
🎲 Traditional Contest Winner Earns:
🌅🏖️ 🏢Lodging [3 days, 2 nights]
🌅🍽️🍨 Food & Drink Prizes [$75 gift card unless otherwise noted]
@sandys2300irb - $35 Gift card
🌅🌊🚤 Entertainment Prizes
@woodyswatersports - One Hour Jet Ski Rental
@beegreenlawns - $75 Cash
🌅🛍️👜 Shopping Prizes
🎉Blind Auction Prizes [bid on all individually]:
🌅🏖️ 🏢Lodging [3 days, 2 nights]
🌅🍽️🍨 Food & Drink Prizes [$75 gift card unless otherwise noted]
@sandys2300irb - $35 Gift card
🌅🌊🚤 Entertainment Prizes
@easyriderental - Full Day Rental, Delivered to You!
@floatnthang - Two floats
🌅🛍️👜 Shopping Prizes
@myislandblends - $75 shopping spree
Like ❤️
❤️ To gain points, Like any post within the Duration of the Vacay Giveaway on our profile or any Gold Sponsor.
❤️ You must Like within seven [7] days of the post being published.
Daily Data 💬
💬 To gain points, respond to the requirements in the caption of the post.
💬 Our system tries to guess your answer from the first word of your comment, but to be safe, just answer the question with your comment - nothing extra.
💬 If your answer does not satisfy the post requirements, as per the post caption, then you will get zero points.
💬 You must comment within seven [7] days of the post being published.
💬 You can only score once per post, unless explicitly stated in the post caption.
💬 Your most recent comment [satisfying all rules] will be used as the definitive answer.
💬 If we publish a post that does not have any requirements in the caption, then mention a friend to gain the points for that post.
Join 👫
👫 To gain points, Mention a friend in the comments of any post on our profile [or any Gold Sponsor], and that friend Qualifies.
👫 You must Qualify before Mentioning a friend.
👫 If you do not see points/chances for a friend Join, then first do a Search on the page for your friend. If she shows up, then someone else might have gotten the credit - sorry. If not, DM us, and we will dig into to check the issue. There could be a bug in the system.
👫 If a friend that you mentioned has already Qualified, then you will not receive points [check the scoreboard to see if she is already in the contest].
👫 You may invite anyone to join [i.e. they do not have to be a real friend], however that profile must follow all rules [i.e. cannot be a business account, or profile created to game the system].
👫 You may earn up to 200 points via Join points.
Featured Post 📷
📷 To gain points, your photo is published on our profile.
📷 To get a chance to be published, tag @clearwater.beach. To tag us on your post: open Insta, locate your picture that you would like Featured, tap the settings icon for the post [typically three dots in the upper right], Tap Edit, on the picture lower-left corner, Tap Tag People.
📷 Tagging @clearwater.beach does not satisfy the requirements to be a Featured post. To earn the points, your post must be published on our profile. Please do NOT DM us pictures.
Weekly Winner 🏆
🏆 From the Featured posts [starting Mon, ending Sun], the post with the most Likes is the Weekly Winner.
🏆 Weekly Winner will be awarded on Monday [sometime between 0001 and 2359]. This is a manual process, so please DM us if you do not see your points.
How You Win: Traditional Contest 🎲
🎲 Each point is one chance to win. Each chance represents one dice combination. View the dice combinations on the scoreboard here.
🎲 Combinations are updated every 10 minutes and are given chronologically as Qualified Followers score points.
🎲 At the end of the contest, 10-sided dice are rolled to determine which dice combination is the winner. First roll determines the leftmost number, second roll the second, up to the last roll which determines the rightmost number.
🎲 Our profile, gold sponosor profiles and past winners combinations will result in a re-roll.
🎲 We will publish a PDF the Monday morning following the Duration of the Vacay Giveaway; it is the final list of combinations. We will publish this in alphabetical order as well as numerical order. Make sure that you check this and let us know by Wednesday at 1300 Eastern Time if there are errors.
🎲 We determine the winner by rolls of the dice on the Thursday and/or Friday following the Duration of the Vacay Giveaway, streamed on Instagram, SnapChat or YouTube Live. Links to the PDF and live stream will be published on @clearwater.beach.
🎲 One profile may win only one prize in the Traditional Contest.
🎲 If you win a Traditional Vacation Giveaway, then you cannot win on the next Traditional Contest [i.e. you must wait ~three months].
How You Win: Blind Auction 🙈
🙈 After the Duration of the Vacay Giveaway, your points are converted to auction credits. Ten [10] points earns you one [1] credit.
🙈 You may purchase additional credits for $1 each credit via PayPal.
🙈 You may win several prizes in the Blind Auction, but your bid must equal to or less than your available credits. We will DM you to verify your intent if your available credits are less than a given bid. For instance, if you have 100 credits, and you win the @rishsclearwaterbeach lodging prize for 75, then you can only bid 25 on subsequent bids. If you have already submitted a bid for 50 for @cootersrestaurant gift card, then I will DM you to ask if you would like to purchase 25 more credits or delete your bid.
🙈 Blind Auction Prize List may be changed at any time through the Duration of the Vacation Giveaway.
🙈 You must DM your bid for each prize by the Wednesday following the Duration of the Vacation Giveaway by 1300.
🙈 Credits not used will be rolled-over to the next Vacation Giveaway. This means all except those that have the winning bid will have more credits on the next Blind Auction [as long as they Qualify for the next Vacay Giveaway, starting 20-OCT-2019 and ending 2-FEB-2020].
🙈 Credits have no cash value. In the event that Blind Auctions are discontinued, slobs do not get any real money.
🙈 For transparency, after the Blind Auction is over, all bids will be disclosed along with how many additional credits were purchased by each bidder.
Other Rules: 🧐
🎇 All scoring relates to the @clearwater.beach Insta profile AND all of our Gold Sponsors. EVERY post published during the Duration of Vacay Giveaway is eligible for points - even if there is not an explicit notation.
❌ Posts may be deleted at any time, for any reason. Those that have already scored on those posts will NOT lose their points. We recommend setting a notification on your phone when our profile [or Gold sponsor] publishes a new post so that you do not miss out on an opportunity.
⛔️ Privacy: We might sell/publish all data gathered in the Vacay Giveaway. We try our best NOT to gather data that will infringe on your privacy, but the definition of privacy is different for everyone. Be careful what you share online.
💤 Instagram/Facebook has no affiliation with this contest.
⚠️ We can update the rules at any time to help close any potential loop holes or change the end date of the conteset. We can subtract or add points at any time; we have this rule to keep adults from acting like 9 year olds to bitch about their lack of mental or physical ability to beat someone else. To be clear, your complaining will not benefit you nor will it punish others. Work constructively with us, and we might give you a bonus point or two.
⏰ Allow 4 - 6 weeks for physical gift cards and prizes to arrive at your home.
🛏 Rooms nights can be used on weekdays, excluding holidays, between June and October. Expiration is one year from reward.
👪 You must be accompanied by someone 25 or older in order to reserve a room.
🗣 Winners should contact all businesses for additional restrictions [e.g. pet friendly, age to ride a wave runner, maximum number of occupants per lodging reservation].
⚖️ Adhere to all laws the impact you vis-a-vis this Vacay Giveaway.
💯 Your Insta account must be real, and the account must not have been created by you in order to increase your chances of winning.
👎 We reserve the right to disqualify anyone deemed to being gaming the system.
👎 Business accounts, marketing accounts, bots, spam or other slob accounts may not participate. Please DM us if you think one of these types have slipped through the cracks; this is the one instance where we would like tattle tales.
🎲 🙈 Contact each business for rules pertaining to their prize item [e.g. blackout dates on room stays, gift card expiration]
🎲 🙈 Purchased Credits do NOT count as points for the Traditional Contest.
🎲 🙈 Only Credits roll-over to the Blind Auction. They do not roll-over as points for the Traditional Contest.
🎲 🙈 The Blind Auction and Traditional Contest are completely separate.
🎲 🙈 The Traditional Contest is conducted BEFORE the Blind Auction. If you win the grand prize on the Traditional Contest, then you are not eligible for the Blind Auction. Your credits will roll-over to the next Vacation Giveaway.
If you do not see your chances listed, then tap on the picture to the right. Only tap once. Instagram limits the number of calls to their backend, so if you constantly tap, then you will jam up the system. After updating, all chances except Join will show up. If you still do not see your chance, screen shot the update screen and DM me the screenshot and your issue.
Be Patient as We Upgrade The Info You Need. The Fun You Deserve.
4:30am - 8pm