St Pete Vacay Giveaway Rules
Timing: Starts May 6th, Ends July 21st
Follow all of our sponsors [i.e. Follow all of the accounts that @stpetebeach is Following] NOTE:If your account is private, make sure to approve the Follow-back of @st.pete.vacay. We use this to verify that you have qualified.
🎇 Earn Points:
  • ✨ 1 pt: Mention a friend on the daily post and answer the survey question [if there is one]
  • ✨ 2 pts: Your Friend Joins the Vacay Giveaway from your Mention
  • ✨ 5 pts: Your photo is Featured as daily post; tag @stpetebeach on your photo for a chance
  • ✨10 pts: From the Featured posts [starting Mon, ending Sun], the post with the most Likes
  • View scoreboard here. After you have Qualified, points on the scoreboard are updated every 10 minutes. Let us know ASAP if you do not see your points.
    🎉 How to Win
    There will be three winners! At the end of the contest, whoever has the most points wins First Prize. Second and Third prizes will be determined by rolls of ten-sided dice. The first die determines the 1st digit; second die the 2nd digit and so on. The scoreboard tracks everyone's points and chances.
    🎉 1st Prize
  • Pick one of the three lodging prizes
  • Pick one of the three entertainment prizes
  • Two admission tickets to @mfastpete.
  • Pick three of the food and drink prizes
  • Pick one of the shopping spree prizes
  • 🎉 2nd Prize
  • Pick one of the three lodging prizes
  • Pick one of the three entertainment prizes
  • Two admission tickets to @mfastpete.
  • Pick two of the food and drink prizes
  • Pick one of the shopping spree prizes
  • 🎉 3rd Prize
  • The remaining lodging prize
  • The remaining entertainment prize
  • The remaining two food and drink prizes
  • The remaining shopping spree
  • 🌅🏖️ 🏢 Lodging Prizes
  • @twresorts 4 day, 3 night stay
  • @rishsclearwaterbeach 3 day, 2 night stay
  • @edgehotelcb 3 day, 2 night stay
  • 🌅🌊🚤 Entertainment Prizes
  • @woodyswatersports 1 hour jet ski rental
  • @nathan_shirk_real_estate $75 cash
  • @beegreenlawns $75 cash
  • @mfastpete 2 general admission tickets
  • 🌅🍽️🍨 Food & Drink Prizes
  • @madbeachcraftbrewingcompany $75 gift card
  • @brokenboredgrill $75 gift card
  • @jimmysontheedge $75 gift card
  • @theleftbankbistrostpete $75 gift card
  • @pacific_counter $75 gift card
  • @cootersrestaurant $50 gift card
  • $50 gift card
  • 🌅🛍️👜 Shopping Prizes
  • @saltytideapparel $75 shopping spree
  • @myislandblends $75 shopping spree
  • @tropical.bros $75 shopping spree
  • Other Rules...
    Rules and Points Officiating, Friend Mention points
    You must mention within seven [7] days of the post being published. You may mention the same friend everytime. Maximum of one point per post
    Rules and Points Officiating, Friend Joins points
    If a friend that you mentioned has already Qualified to Play, then you will not receive points [check the Scoreboard to see if she is already in the contest]. Additionally, if your "friend" objects to your mention because they do not know you [e.g. you mention everyone that partcipated in the last Vacay Giveaway on the first post], then you will lose 10 points and suspended for an appropriate amount of time.
    Rules and Points Officiating, Weekly Winner points
    We will post the winner to the feed and/or story on Monday [sometime between 0001 and 2359] to announce the winner
    Rules and Points Officiating, Generally
    We can update the rules at any time to help close any potential loop holes or change the end date of the conteset. We can subtract or add points at any time; we have this rule to keep adults from acting like 9 year olds to bitch about their lack of mental or physical ability to beat someone else. To be clear, your complaining will not benefit you nor will it punish others. Work constructively with us, and we might give you a bonus point or two. Past Vacay Giveaway contests have no impact on this Vacay contest and cannot prevent you from earning points or assist you in earning points.
    Prize Restrictions and Redemption
    One profile may win only one prize. We will contact the winner after the end of the contest to ascertain contact information. Winners must DM their choice within one week; second and third place must rank their selection in each category [i.e. in case someone finishing ahead of you has already selected your choice]. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for physical gift cards and prizes to arrive at your home. Rooms nights can be used on weekdays, excluding holidays, between June and October. You must be accompanied by someone 25 or older in order to reserve a room. Winners should contact all businesses for additional restrictions [e.g. pet friendly, age to ride a wave runner]. Must follow all laws the impact you vis-a-vis this Vacay Giveaway. Your Insta account must be real, and the account must not have been created by you in order to increase your chances of winning. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone deemed to being gaming the system.
    Be Patient as We Upgrade The Info You Need. The Fun You Deserve.
    4:30am - 8pm