Bamboo Beach Bar
Located at the north end of John’s Pass, Bamboo Beach Bar and Grill welcome the fun-loving, laid-back beach crowd that you’d expect to find in paradise. The Boo was the first bar in John’s Pass and is one of the two oldest structures still around [Don’s Dock is the other]. With its experience, this world famous bar, with the most outdoor seating in the Pass, has developed the best in food, drink and entertainment. You will hear the live music everyday during peak season [and Thursday thru Sunday the rest of the year], but be sure to arrive early to hear the best bands on the beach – seats fill up quickly. While you’re waiting for the music to start, grab a frozen drink and a bite to eat from their new menu. Fish tacos, smoked fish spread and burgers remain the standard fare favorite. If you like trying something a little different, dig into grilled pig wings with eggplant fries. Yum! No matter your selection on the menu, you will enjoy yourself as you sit back, relax and bask in the glory of this gorgeous Florida weather!
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4:30am - 8pm