Beach Essentials: What [not] to bring
So you’re heading out to the beach for the first time in a long time? Here’s a quick list of tips to make your day better on the beach. We’ll start with the essential personal items first, then work our way out. On your person you will want sunscreen, sunglasses, your bathing suit, flip flops, a waterproof container [e.g. ziplock bag] for your phone, wallet and other small items, large waterproof bag to stuff other items [e.g. wet towel], two 6’ beach towels, large plastic bag for trash, football/baseball/frisbee and small umbrella in case it rains. Nice to haves include a zero-gravity chair, headphones, a book/kindle, a cooler [jam packed with ice], Tervis tumblers, beer coozies, wine/cork remover, dog bowl [if you’re bringing your best buddy], dry pair of t-shirt/shorts. If you really want to set-up shop, then get a foldable 10 x 10 tent, beach-friendly cart to carry supplies, card table, radio, corn hole set, bocee ball, horse shoes. Of course, you can just be a slob and meet someone on the beach and mooch off of their supplies too! Let us know what must-haves you take with you to the beach.
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