Cuban Paradise Cigar
At Cuban Paradise Cigar & Cafe in John’s Pass Village, the quality lies in the people, not the name. Marcos Diaz, a refugee from Cuba, continues the tradition of handmade cigars as the 4th generation in his family alongside his wife, Maria. Marcos will quickly point out that the AMERICAN cigars contain a quality higher than any you will find in Cuba. Sourced from the best leaves in the world, the cigars are handmade in the front of the shop by long-time cigar aficionados, including the latest cigar: Imperial USA – the best cigar Cuban Paradise Cigar has ever developed, with 10% of sales going to help our military veterans. Inside the shop, you will find the Cigar of the Day, Cigar of the Month and over 126 different cigars to suit your taste and budget. If you like what you experience [and we think you will], pick up a loyalty card for a variety of exclusives and deals. If you really like it, then get a bundle and save 25% off your total. Oh, we forgot to mention a hidden gem: their coffee! My goodness, if you need a fresh tasting, get-your-butt-moving cup-o-jo, then this is your place. Hands-down; man-down. This coffee reigns supreme.
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4:30am - 8pm