Dolphins sit atop the food chain when it comes to what animal people love to see when they are at the beach. Dolphins captivate your mind with their wit and beauty as they glide along the beach or intracoastal waterway in search of a meal or a good time. You can see dolphins practically everywhere in up and down the gulf coast, but in the Tampa Bay area, John’s Pass is the best if you’re just hanging out. Walk along the boardwalk to catch a glimpse of the porpoises as they catch their meal. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, take a dolphin cruise for $20 to $25 and watch them play on your wake. If you’re even more adventurous, rent a jet ski and get up close and personal with them as they will jump literally inches from you! Baby dolphins will swim with their mom in late spring, so if you’re in the area around that time, make sure to hang out by the water to see the cutest thing ever: a baby dolphin jumping out of the water! Photo courtesy of @vspc [via Instagram]
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