IRB Eats
One thing everyone has in common while at the beach: we gotta eat! Below are some of our personal favorites and/or popular spots on the beach. I tend to prioritize food quality over ambiance, and usually dive restaurants have the best food. If you like these types of restaurants, feel free to give me a buzz or shoot me an email. I pretty much know all of the hidden gems on the beach. The money bag 💰 indicates how much you can expect to pay for a dinner for two with one drink each. Let us know your favorite spots. IRB [and Indian Shores] has a lot of solid restaurants, and they’re excellent when drinking is mixed in heavily. Some others besides my picks to consider: Crabby Bills’ menu took a dump a few years back, but they are the best for drinks. JD’s is so-so, but a super-cheap early-bird – and great [old] people watching. Aqua Prime barely misses the recommendation list, and might make it upon my next visit; they’re just a little too pricey for my liking right now. Salt Rock Grill. True, I don’t like the fancier type restaurants, but Salt Rock [and its sister restaurant Island Way Grill] is an exception. Great food, reasonable prices and friendly staff. Don’t worry if you see the parking lot packed, they find a way to make room [or you can sit at the bar]. The food is outstanding, and no one dish stands out. The menu is solid throughout from steaks to seafood to [one of my faves] pork chops. There is also an extensive wine selection if that’s your thing. You won’t go home saying “you MUST go to Salt Rock Grill,” but you will recommend it to friends. 💰 $85 📌Indian Shores, just north of Park Blvd, next to Indian Shores Town Hall Keegans. I’m not a big fan of Keegan’s, but my girlfriend and several others really like it, so I have to put it on here. And, Guy Fieri [ahem, “Fietty”], of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives featured it, so I don’t want to seem like I don’t know the area [though somehow he has missed Wahoo’s – the best dive restaurant on the beaches].💰 $75 📌Sits back from the road in a strip mall beside TJ’s Kooky Coconuts. I’ve heard mixed reviews on consistency, but I’ve eaten here over a dozen times [always the Cuban], and they are always consistently good in my belly. The Cuban is the best I’ve had. This includes the place out by the PIE airport [I’ve had two sandwiches there that tasted like a deli sandwich]. The place isn’t anything fancy, but a solid, well-priced spot to grab a sandwich and a beer while you’re on the way to or from the beach. 💰 $30 📌Gulf side, just north of Walsingham Rd Villa Gallace. Gluten Free Pasta. Hiring Dishwashers. Homemade Gnochi. I haven’t taken notice of the sign in awhile, but I’d bet you’ll see that on the marquee. Not only are the signs consistent, the food is consistently great. Villa Gallace is my favorite restaurant in IRB; fresh home made pasta with great seafood preparation is tough to beat. If you like Mario’s in Madeira Beach, you’ll love Villa Gallace. This place is always packed, so make sure to get there early. 💰 $75 📌South end of IRB just before the road gets super narrow
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