If you’ve ever questions whether or not animals are really smart, then stroll by John’s Pass just about the time at the deep sea fishing boats are coming back from their daily trips. The intelligence of these animals is unreal. If you stop by the west end of the John’s Pass Boardwalk right around noon or 1pm and again around 6pm, you will notice a bunch of pelicans flying in. You may think nothing of it, but then you will see the Hubbard’s Marina boat dock, and the pelicans from everywhere start to fly or gently swim in as they jockey for the best spot. Best spot for what you ask? Scraps from the fresh catch. The deck hands will clean the fish [i.e. cut them into fillets for eating], and discard the bones into the Pass. This is where the pelicans come alive. They all fight for the right spot to catch the carcass as it flies through the air. It’s so awesome to watch. Take a look around as you do it; you will never see so many different types of people with smiles on their faces as they appreciate nature’s beauty. Yep, pelicans are really smart, and they don’t steal your ice cream like the sea gulls!
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