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One thing everyone has in common while at the beach: we gotta eat! Below are some of our personal favorites and/or popular spots on the beach. I tend to prioritize food quality over ambiance, and usually dive restaurants have the best food. If you like these types of restaurants, feel free to give me a buzz or shoot me an email. I pretty much know all of the hidden gems on the beach. The money bag 💰 indicates how much you can expect to pay for a dinner for two with one drink each. Let us know your favorite spots. Redington has a very local feel; not too touristy, but just enough tourism to give us some great amenities. The restaurants in this area follow that same ambiance. Nothing too flashy; just good food. Redington has three of the best niche places you will find on the beach. Wahoo’s is my #1 overall restaurant. Shubee Shack has the sandwich market cornered. All Wrapped Up Wraps and Salads offers outstanding wraps, salads and soups [as well as beer and ice cream] at the best price you’ll find anywhere. Wahoo’s. You need to know where Wahoo’s is before you get close if you’re coming from the north; there is no longer a sign outside the restaurant. Worse than that; where the sign should be is a sign for the dog grooming place next door. Don’t expect to be greeted as you walk in. In fact, move out of the way if it’s busy, you’ll get plowed over by the fast-moving waitresses. The service is usually slow and borderline rude, but don’t be offended, food this good has to have a trade-off. I recommend arriving early and sitting at the bar. The fresh cooked fish is trimmed just over your left shoulder by Jimmy, the owner, and it is cooked perfectly by one of two chefs. This is the way seafood should be. Don’t stop at the seafood. I LOVE their ribeye, fried ribs and Caesar salad. This food is better than any of the usual suspects that do-gooders mention [e.g. Salt Rock Grill, Guppy’s, Shor, Castile]. I’ve only met one person that said Wahoo’s was “OK”, and that guy was wearing a tie and talking about his portfolio. If you’re a prude, don’t visit. If you are offended by four letter words, don’t visit. If you love fresh food cooked with passion, then Wahoo’s is your spot. 💰 $50 📌1/2 block south of Seabreeze; next to Thai Prajaam; free parking across the street Shubee Shack. Awesome, awesome, awesome sandwiches. If you don’t appreciate a good sandwich, then skip Shubee’s. If you know a good stack of meat and all the fixins, then stop by this little Shack that operates out of something a little smaller than your walk-in closet. The chef, Pat “Shubee” Bearry, is not your average shack chef. He’s played NFL football. He’s been in law enforcement. He’s been a celebrity chef. His latest project is Shubee’s Coastal Grill in Kissimmee, then he’s off to do his own reality cooking show. Lucky for us, we have the original Shubee Shack! 💰 $25 📌Across from Double Tree; located behind Sporty’s in North Redington Beach All Wrapped Up Wraps and Salads. Since coming on the scene a couple of years ago All Wrapped Up [my dog Riley’s favorite stop for treats] has steadily improved. It’s now one of the best spots for lunch, early dinner or a picnic out on the beach. Like Shubee Shack, this is most carry-out, though there are a half-dozen tables inside and a nice high-top bar outside to sit down if you like. All the wraps on the menu can be made into a salad [a nice touch if you’re on a diet]. The personal pizzas are really good and fill you up for under $5! Their homemade soups are some of the best you’ll find; never mind the low price! You can also get your beer fix with a fairly extensive carry-out offering [cheap and good – hard to beat!]. They’ve been so successful, they are soon opening another location downtown next to Tropicana Field – good luck to Mary and Kevin. Oh, one last thing. If you got this far, remember this. Around Thanksgiving [and again around February], they have one of the best plates of food you’ll ever get. Anywhere on earth. It’s called the Thanksgiving Wrap. Jesus of Nazareth left a review on Trip Advisor giving All Wrapped Up 5 stars for this wrap; he called it, “Something Dad would approve of.” After eating this wrap, Gordon Ramsey commented that every wrap he has eaten across the world has been, “dreadful. Bland. No flavor.” I waited outside with 100 other locals like it was black Friday shopping at Walmart to get my teeth on this wrap. It’s pretty good. 💰 $25📌Across from Redington Long Pier
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