Stand Up Paddle board [and Kayak] Adventure
You probably know about Stand Up Paddle board [SUP for short]: the people out in the water standing on surf board, struggling to move it forward with a canoe paddle. It might look difficult and unorthodox, but it’s actually quite relaxing, fun and addicting. I was always hesitant because standing up just looks so stupid; I’d rather use a canoe or kayak. In reality the lightweight of the SUP, makes paddling super easy. And, if you’re tired, sit down and use it like a kayak, or just put your legs in the water and relax. It’s simple to get on and off, unlike a kayak or canoe, so if you want to take a quick dip, it’s not problem. SUPs allow you to get to see nature, get a workout [if you want] and just soak up the sun out on the water. If you’re thinking about renting a SUP, here are some things you should know: A novice with little athletic skill can do it, but get a wide based board The typically rent for $20/hr, though most places give you a deal Bring a small nap sack that goes on your back, packed with sunblock, snacks, water and a waterproof camera If you go out on the Gulf of Mexico, make sure the water is calm; you might want to try the intracoastal first – more nature to see too on the intracoastal If a boat comes by, sit down, or challenge yourself to stay up while the wake passes under you If you are certain you want to row your way to freedom, then rent a kayak instead. Kayaks offer a bit more comfort over a paddle board since you have a seat, and they also allow for a little room to store stuff. However, kayaks are much heavier and harder to transport than a paddle board. Kayaks are also a bit more expensive to rent. Either way, have fun and let us know how it goes!
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