Summertime Weather Patterns on the Beach
Summertime Weather Patterns on the Beach on the Pinellas County beaches not only differ from that of the rest of Tampa Bay all year, but during the summer months, the 11 individual beach towns can have very different weather from each other. Especially when it comes to rain. Very few residents are aware of this since they rarely leave their favorite beach during the year, but it is quite common for it to being raining on St. Pete Beach while Treasure Island enjoys sun. This can be the case on any given day or EVERY given day. In 2014, St. Pete Beach received rain almost every day of the summer while three miles up the road, Madeira Beach had less than a handful of days. In 2013, Indian Shores had rain literally every day from mid-June through mid-September, while the same town received absolutely no rain in 2012, but in that year Indian Rocks Beach, one mile north, had a downpour nearly every day. In short, the rain differs from town-to-town, day-to-day and year-to-year. Hour-to-hour it can differ as well, but typically every town gets evening thunderstorms a few days per week starting about an hour before sunset. These can last a few minutes or a few hours, but rarely last all day. One thing you can count on: humidity and heat. From mid-June through mid-September, it is humid from sun-up to sun-down and temperatures range from lows in the mid 70s in the morning to highs in the low-to-mid 90s in the afternoon. The hottest temps usually occur about 4 hours before sunset. The saving grace is the breeze from the sea. Usually the breeze only occurs directly on the beach and up to ¼ mile away from the beach. Nearly everyday has this breeze, and only a dozen or so days per year lack any breeze at all. The closer you are to the water, the stronger, and more prominent the breeze. For this reason, nearly every day is comfortable directly on the white sand, and if you think it’s hot where you are, just move closer to the water, and you’ll find it to be much more comfortable. On some bizarre days, you will find that literally ten feet closer to the water will produce a 10 degree difference in air temperature due to the breeze. Have fun and please share your beach weather stories with us. Photo by @carleespix on Instagram
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