The Hut
While you’re on the boardwalk at John’s Pass, walk to the east and you’ll find the largest Tiki Bar in the world: The Hut. The Hut has a wide array of craft beer as well as your favorite mixed or frozen drink. Live music fills the air nearly every day, but wait for sundown for the real fun to start. The elevated stage, sitting one full story above the bar, reminds you of something in a dream [well, this is a spectacular spot in paradise, so maybe it’s fitting]. Looking towards the water you’ll find a short pier with ample seating that continues to an outdoor seating area no other, right in the middle of the Pass! You can still hear the tunes from this seating area as well as watch the sunset and take in all action on the water. 10 just east of your table, a friendly face from Woody’s Watersports sends another adventure seeker out into in the Gulf of Mexico on a fast and furious jet ski ride. Directly in front of you, watch pods of dolphins swim by as well as manatees and their newborn calves. Drinks, entertainment, people watching and great shots of nature: hard to find this anywhere else!
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4:30am - 8pm