Vino Florida
When you think of Florida fruits, what comes to mind? Oranges, probably. What else? Strawberries? Mangos? Grapefruits? Melons? Raspberries? All of the above? Vino Florida, a winery located inside of John’s Pass, lives by the motto: Acquired Taste not Required. If you aren’t a “wine drinker”, you will find that Vino Florida is the place for you. Made by the father-son team of Tom and Matthew Powers, Vino Florida has award winning classics like merlots, but their speciality is sweet, Florida wines and sangrias: made from Florida fruits. Try the Sevora Red Sangria, Razi Raspberry White Zin to start, then move to the award winning Pure Paradise Mango, or Orwi Orange Wine. While you’re here, also try their nationally recognized Pirate’s Mead, made from fresh Florida honey. Don’t forget one thing: you MUST try their Wine Cream. Don’t let the name cock your head to the side, this homemade ice cream is seriously the best on the beach. Captain Andy makes the creamy delicious dessert many times per week for the freshest dairy delicacy you will find anywhere.
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4:30am - 8pm