Woody's Jet Ski Adventure
Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in the saddle of a motorcycle revving its engine at a traffic light. As the light turns green, the motor lets go and the engine quickly moves into high gear as you fly down the street. As you look down at your feet, instead of pavement beneath your feet you see crystal clear blue water : the Gulf of Mexico. Your wave runner reaches 50. 55. 60 miles per hour. You glide along the water, and adrenaline fills your soul with an exhilaration like no other. You loosen your grip on the throttle as the jet ski slows, and you have a chance to wipe that side:to:side grin off your face [and a bit of salt water]. Peering back at the beach, you take out your camera from the waterproof compartment directly in front of you, between your legs. This picture will capture your vacation like no other. If you’ve never ridden a jet ski before [or if it has been several years since the last time], put this excursion at the top of your list. We recommend Woody’s Watersports inside John’s Pass. At Woody’s you will discover not only the best in wave runner technology [Woody buys all new jet skis; he doesn’t repair them to stretch the life], but you will also find the best customer service of any business. Smiling faces, laced with jovial midwest sarcasm will greet you as you complete your electronic rental agreement. You also don’t have to worry about being jerked around with long wait times or moving prices. $65/hr and a little off the top if you set up your appointment in the early morning. Woody provides all the equipment you’ll need [as well as wet suits in the cold months when it gets in the low 70s]. Woody’s Watersports is also the only rental place in the Pass that doesn’t put a hold on funds to cover damages; anyone that has gone through that knows the pain of having the bank keep your money for over a week! So get ready for a time of a life, a rush, a workout and a memory that will stay with you until the next time you decide to hop back on and feel the wind in your hair!
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4:30am - 8pm