St Pete Beach
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Other Rules: 🧐
⏱️ Winners will be posted to @thebeachtoday feed immediately following the winner announcement. Winners must contact @thebeachtoday via DM within 14 days of being announced the winner. Failure to do so will roll all prizes to the next contest.
❌ Posts may be deleted at any time, for any reason.
🔓 Privacy: We might sell/publish all data gathered in the Vacay Giveaway. We try our best NOT to gather data that will infringe on your privacy, but the definition of privacy is different for everyone. Be careful what you share online.
💤 Instagram/Facebook has no affiliation with this contest.
⛔️ You cannot win more than one Vacay Giveaway in the last 12 months.
⚠️ We can update the rules at any time to help close any potential loop holes or change the end date of the conteset. We can subtract or add points at any time; we have this rule to keep adults from acting like 9 year olds to bitch about their lack of mental or physical ability to beat someone else. To be clear, your complaining will not benefit you nor will it punish others. Work constructively with us, and we might give you a bonus point or two.
🛏 Rooms nights have blackout dates. Contact the lodging sponsor for details.
👪 You must be accompanied by someone 25 or older in order to reserve a room.
🎲 Contact each business for rules pertaining to their prize item [e.g. blackout dates on room stays, gift card expiration]
🕵️‍♀️We simply collect prizes from all the sponsors and mail them out for easier logistics. For any tax concerns, consult an account and contact each sponsor.
🗣 Winners should contact all businesses for additional restrictions [e.g. pet friendly, age to ride a wave runner, maximum number of occupants per lodging reservation].
⚖️ Adhere to all laws the impact you vis-a-vis this Vacay Giveaway.
💯 Your Insta account must be real, and the account must not have been created in order to increase your chances of winning.
👎 We reserve the right to disqualify anyone that might be intentionally or unintentionally gaining an unfair advantage via loopholes in these rules.
👎 Business accounts, marketing accounts, bots, spam or other slob accounts may not participate. Please DM us if you think one of these types have slipped through the cracks; this is the one instance where we would like tattle tales.
💰 You must have a PayPal account to receive cash prizes. Some sponsors only use PayPal, so make sure to have one so you do not miss out on cold hard cash.
Be Patient as We Upgrade The Info You Need. The Fun You Deserve.
4:30am - 8pm